Koofy Coffee SA Case Study.


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About Koofy Coffee SA Pty Ltd.

Koofy Coffee SA Pty Ltd is a leading Wholesalers company of ground coffee flavor by infusion in pyramidal pods of Arabusta & Robusta coffee in the Southern Region (SADC), with its headquarter in Johannesburg South-Africa. Freshly imported from Ivory-Coast, Koofy Coffee SA and its Ivorian partner company IvoryBlue pride themselves by respecting the environment and coffee supply chain with the ultimate goal of meeting the consumers expectations as well as to offer an organic premium coffee.

Services Provided By OCDMA Agency.


• Marketing Consultation.

• Brand Identity Creation.

• E-Commerce Development + 1 Year Free Hosting.

• Management Of The E-Commerce Website.

• SEO.

• Online Listing.

• Marketing Mix.

• Commercial Shoot.

• Affiliate Marketing.

• Social Media Marketing.

• Content Marketing ( 2 Video Ads & 2 Blogs)

Challenges And Marketing Tactics


I. Challenges:

The first challenge was to adapt their business operational name and yet not loosing its essence to be more appealing to the SADC Market, particularly in South Africa. 

The second challenge was the fact that all their marketing materials such as packaging design and documentation was in French, so we had to translate it from French to English to effectively communicate with the audience.

The third major challenge was to create awareness around a new coffee product which came to compete with the existing leaders of the coffee industry in the SADC region, particularly in South - Africa. The main target audience was directed towards coffee connoisseurs & the millennial.

II. Marketing Tactics :

Marketing Tools

👉🏾 Responsive E-Commerce Website.

👉🏾 SEO Implementation.

Social Media Marketing

👉🏾 Facebook.

👉🏾 Instagram.

👉🏾 Twitter.

👉🏾 YouTube.

Content Marketing 

👉🏾 2 Video Adverts , 

👉🏾 Commercial and Advertising Photoshoot.

👉🏾 Behind The Scenes Of The Photoshoot.

👉🏾 Video and Post Reviews.

👉🏾  2 Blog Entries.

👉🏾 Web Banner.

III. Marketing & Pr Recommendations.

👉🏾 Thereafter our marketing consultation with Koofy Coffee SA Brand, the brand became a proud member and sponsor of the Randburg Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (RCCI) networking events since June 2019.

👉🏾 Throughout Koofy Coffee SA membership from the RCCI , they have been part at the famous exhibition in Gallagher Convention Estate Midrand, Johannesburg of the Global Trade Show, co-organized by the Republic Of China and the SACCI / RCCI in July 2019.



The whole campaign was about promoting the following commercial messages of Koofy Coffee SA :


- Koofy Coffee SA Is Coming Soon ! 

- Koofy Coffee SA is the ” Africa‘s Freshest ”



The campaign with the following few hashtags : 

- #Comingsoon

- #Africafreshest  

- #DelicateButStrong 

- #OrganicCoffee 

- #BiodegradableCoffee reached an audience of over 32,000 views from the 2 video ads that we’ve created and over 2,500 engagement on Facebook and Instagram, which increased an overall brand awareness across the rest of the channels. In additional, Koofy Coffee SA Online presence got the attention and review from the SCASA ( Speciality Coffee Association Of Southern Africa ) National Cup Tasting Champion 2019, Sir Thabang Maluleka. Let alone the recognition, repost and multiple stories shared from the coffee lovers community / page on Instagram. 

Video Advert | Delicate But Strong Part.2

Video Advert | Delicate But Strong Part.1

Koofy Coffee SA Review Video.

Behind The Scenes Of Koofy Coffee SA Advertising Photoshoot.

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